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Always upset about your kid’s results? Learn the secret to their success

Do you find yourself frustrated, angry or totally confused about your child’s academic performance? You know he can do so much better but nothing you try seems to be working. You know he has the potentials of an A student but he always comes home with C’s. Don’t get mad at your child. Read below to find the long lasting solution more than 600 families in Lagos have used to achieve success.

Many parents feel frustrated about their kid’s academic performance, some are anxious or afraid that their children may fail to maintain their academic standing or become too comfortable or relaxed.  We had an eye opening question and answer session with Nigeria’s most reputable home tutoring agency and academic solution provider in Nigeria, to provide answers to some very difficult questions parents ask:

How can a parent ensure their children’s continuous academic success?

Parents play a huge role in making sure that their child’s academic needs are being addressed. Some parents just conclude that the child is naturally dull or poor at certain subjects without even seeking external one-on-one help for the child, some parent result to flogging, scolding, punishment and other methods that don’t yield the required results.

The most effective way to help kids excel in academics is one – on – one tutoring. Of course, one-on-one tutoring is too expensive for schools to adopt at scale but students who have tutors at home or whose parents constantly monitor their academics, teach them, help them and challenge them always show very significant improvement.

How does a parent get a fitting tutor?

That’s very very easy. (Laughs) Just call 01-2913970 or 08059811502. Seriously speaking though, getting a “very good” tutor suited to your child is a difficult process for parents. It gets much more tasking when your child needs tolearn soft skillsovercome learning difficulties, or if you need a language tutor, amusicinstrument tutor, a programming tutor or an art tutor. READ MORE HERE

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